About Us

History and Purpose

The Divine Mercy International Widows and Orphans Organization was founded in the year 2011 as a means to provide succor to the abandoned and miserable sons and daughters of God, mostly widows and orphans, in Obike Nigeria. It is a project born out of a desire to make ourselves into instrument of divine grace and mercy in the service of the most vulnerable.

For most of our orphans, a meal a day is an unaffordable luxury while education is like a pie in the sky.

These widows have no jobs, no education, no trade, no health insurance, no means of social security, no husbands to support, a number of children to feed, Little or no access to community owned resources, but worst of all, NO HOPE.

Esther for example, for two years now, has been suffering from a medical condition known as prolapsed uterus whereby due to a collapse of the uterine muscles caused by childbirth or difficult labor and delivery, the uterus caves in surging out through the vagina, she has not been able to receive any form of medical attention nor has she any hope of one. Plus, she is today suffering from total paralysis and no hope is in sight as though waiting to die.

The best of these society forsaken people are dying of preventable diseases and the rest of them are living in penury.

Our Projects

Skills trainings for the widows to enable their economic self reliance such as: Soap making, goat rearing and sheep herding, poultry farming, snack making, petty trading and financial management.

Providing Small Business grants to enable "trained" widows to use or engage their acquired skills.

Provide Orphans with Education grants to give them opportunity for basic education and improved-health-care.

DMIWOO | Address: P.O. Box 156 Ellensburg, WA 98926 | Email: info@dmiwoo.org