Our Approach

We have identified three areas of need and several methods of helping the widows and orphans attain self-sustenance.

Widows Training Grants

Fund the training to teach these women the work skills and financial management to establish and manage a small business such as baking, soap making, sewing, subsistence farming, and petty-trading which can sustain their needs and those of their families. We have an arrangement with an entrepreneurial and co-operative education agency in Nigeria to them at a subsidized rate. $30 will train one person.

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Small Business Grant Fund

Once the training program is completed, we hope to help these skilled widows realize their new potential with small business grants to help them on the road to self-sufficiency. Lack of collateral and high interest rates make the standard business loan start up option inaccessible to them. A donation of any amount will help this fund grow.

Educational Grants

We will raise funds to establish an education grant program to enable children to realize a basic education. Our plan is to fund their elementary through high school basic education fees. A $100 gift can sponsor a child with the basic school fees for one academic year. These are grants, not loans. The design for these grants will be competitive. Awards will be given on the basis of merit and excellence. We have identified about 50 children currently in need of assistance through sponsorship.

DMIWOO will collaborate internationally only with tested and proven local partners who will ensure the smooth and upright implementation of these projects. We shall also work with a local bank owned by the church to ensure transparent and honest disbursement of these loans; and above all, to enable us to submit an annual report in line with the United States Board of Internal Revenue.

"He defended the cause of the poor and needy, and so all went well. Is that not all that it means to know me?" Jeremiah 22:16.

We are a charitable organization that uses a "hands on" approach to its project work -- visiting the Obike town annually, engaging constant contact with our charitable recipients and training partners. We select our Local Partners carefully, ensuring fiscal stewardship of all contributed funds. We pledge the transparent and honest disbursement of funds and compliance with U.S. legal reporting.
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