Our Work

Dear Friends,

As a way of making ourselves into useful instruments in the spreading of God's Grace and Mercy, we are committed to the task of empowering the needy and lifting them out of poverty. Our organization has found direction for this noble cause in the plight of the widows and orphans of Obike, Nigeria. Why here? Members of our nonprofit organization have visited this town and developed a personal and ongoing connection and relationship by which we can closely follow and see the results of our charitable efforts.

Our first impulse is to help with the most immediate daily needs, food, clothing, healthcare, but we also saw the needs for a widow's lifetime, and an orphan's lifetime. We all have it in our power to create self-sufficiency, pride and confidence for the next generation.

Your gift will have a lifetime of impact on the widows of today, and the children in their care.

It will enable these poor women to pull themselves and their families out of poverty.

Your donations will help them put food on their tables as well as help them restore their self-dignity and self-worth.

The profiles and stories of these needy widows and orphans are available upon request.

Touch a life. Restore a hope. Give what you are able to change a life.

May God bless you,
Father Kingsley
Executive Director
Divine Mercy International Widows & Orphans Organization

DMIWOO | Address: P.O. Box 156 Ellensburg, WA 98926 | Email: info@dmiwoo.org