Our Success

For the most parts of 2009 and 2010, one of our initial challenges was how to raise awareness and to attract like minds to see the nobility and the enormous grace that this project involved. After a couple of meetings, during which we shared their agonizing experiences, coupled with pictures and letters of appreciation from these women and their children, where they expressed their joys, their tears and their prayers for the little that Father Kingsley and some board members had done for them in the past, it was not at all surprising to find people willing to share this passion with us.

From these close friends and associates, we were able to raise the initial seed monies that helped us start off and later on, thanks to the same donors, we could raise the needed 1500USD that took care of the first phase of our widows and orphans training on skills acquisition. We are indeed grateful to those who donated those seed funds that helped us to accomplish so much.

In December 2011 and in line with the mission of our organization to empower the widows and orphans of Obike in Nigeria, we organized a two day workshop on entrepreneurship education. The experience of the training exercise revealed a people with a burning desire to help themselves and to be self-reliant but without the necessary resources to do so. Some of the topics covered include: how to start a new business, financial literacy, market economics, cassava production, small ruminants, fish farming, soap making, goat rearing, sheep herding and confectioneries. We had to include a wide range of subjects so as to take into account the varying and diversified interests of our audience. Although it was a two day show, the benefits were enormous as there was maximum commitment both on the part of trainers and on that of the candidates, the beneficiaries. The two days included morning and evening sessions that also involved some field demonstrations especially during the topic on cassava production. Granted the training targeted the widows, it ended up being an affair for the entire community including, youths and adults, men and women. Also, whereas we planned on training about 40 widows, we were able to train 149 persons, including 50 widows, without any additional costs to the organization. At the end of the exercise, a certificate of participation was offered to all 149 participants. The heads of the community showed their gratitude to the organization especially by their presence. A local church Newspaper had the training covered and reported in their January 22, 2012th edition. The general attitude was that of gratitude to the organization and to God for bringing back hopes into the lives of many and they prayed God that the good plans and projects of the organization for the community in general and the widows in particular may be realized.

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